Mens Soccer Mission Statement

The Taylor University Men's Soccer Program has one mission: 

"To develop tough-minded christ-like men

intent on furthering God's Kingdom."

We have two strategies for achieving this end. The first is to pursue excellence in everything we do. The second is to help integrate into the lives of our athletes the many lessons this pursuit affords them. We believe that achieving these two aims will result in a team that demonstrates character and wins consistently.


The Taylor University Men's Soccer Program believes:

Excellence is selfless. Excellence is consistently performing at the optimal level. Excellence is always being prepared. Excellence is the ability to submissively carry out what is asked of you even if and especially when it is self sacrificing. Excellence is the deliberate and effective execution of small but necessary tasks in the pursuit of a common goal. Excellence is training hard and intelligently in order to achieve maximum potential, even if and especially when it is uncomfortable. Excellence is hard work completed when no one is watching and when no glory is forthcoming. Excellence is the consistent overcoming of obstacles. Excellence can be achieved in a unique way through highly competitive athletic experiences. Excellence means our souls control our flesh, not the other way around. We believe achieving excellence as we define it glorifies God.


The implementation the traditional spiritual disciplines is foundational to the character development of any believer. Yet, as an athletic program, our aim is to push our athletes not only to be diligent to commit themselves to the spiritual disciplines, but also to push themselves to the brink of their physical, emotional, and intellectual limits in the pursuit of excellence as we have defined it. We do this by deliberately presenting them with highly competitive, and often times difficult, athletic experiences. In so doing we provide not only a stage upon which they can display their growth, but we also give our players the opportunity to assimilate virtues such as discipline, commitment, selflessness, teamwork, dedication, perseverance, sacrifice, determination, mental toughness, and submission…all the virtues Jesus demonstrated on the way to His victory over death.

In this context, our program's aim is to make relevant the lessons learned through the struggle to be excellent and to connect them to Biblical truth, to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to the Lord Jesus Himself. We do this in order to assist our University in the development of college graduates who are able to overcome adversity, and who are faithful employees, tireless workers, strong leaders, good husbands, and dedicated fathers. In other words, by learning and applying these lessons, our athletes become tough-minded Christ-like men. We measure the effectiveness of this goal by the quality of our graduates' lives and the impact they have on the world around them.


We believe winning to be an objective measurement of excellence in the game of soccer. The natural result of a team that is successful in its pursuit of excellence and of a team that successfully assimilates the lessons this pursuit affords them is a team that wins consistently. It is possible to lose while achieving excellence as we have described it, and it is possible to occasionally win without achieving such excellence. But more often than not, excellence will produce victories. In that light, the Taylor University Men's Soccer Program believes winning to be of extreme importance because in measuring our victories, we measure our excellence.

Record: 4-1-2 Home: 3-0 Away: 1-1-1 Neutral: 0-0-1 Crossroads: 0-0