Taylor University Baseball Record - 2009-10 Season
Taylor UniversitySeason StatisticsOpponents
1619At Bats1559
382Runs Batted In215
51Home Runs27
1Intentional Walks2
88Strikeouts Looking88
71Hit By Pitch36
52Stolen Bases55
23Caught Stealing20
45Sacrifice Hits21
25Sacrifice Flies16
28Ground Outs28
32Fly Outs24
11Grounded Into Double Play10
12Picked Off19
0.346Batting Average0.301
0.519Slugging %0.421
0.444On Base %0.354
1151Put Outs1146
0Passed Balls1
0Catchers Interference0
0.961Fielding %0.950
16Complete Games7
383.2Innings Pitched383.0
469Hits Allowed560
247Runs Allowed428
200Earned Runs Allowed352
101Walks Allowed234
2Intentional Walks1
88Strikeouts Looking88
87Doubles Allowed92
10Triples Allowed18
27Home Runs Allowed51
27Wild Pitches31
1733Batters Faced1994
1559Opponents At Bat1619
36Hit Batters71
0.301Opponent Batting Average0.346
4.69Earned Run Average8.27
Games Summary
DateOpponentScore VenueAttendence
02/19/10Asbury CollegeL 5-7N - bryan-
02/19/10Toccoa FallsW 10-1N - bryan-
02/20/10Bryan CollegeW 15-8A - bryan-
02/20/10Tennessee TempleW 1-0A - tennessee temple-
02/26/10Bryan CollegeW 13-1A - bryan-
02/27/10Bryan CollegeL 16-17A - bryan-
02/27/10Bryan CollegeW 14-3A - bryan-
03/05/10St. CatharineL 1-6A - st. catharine-
03/05/10St. CatharineW 3-1A - st. catharine-
03/06/10St. CatharineW 5-4A - st. catharine-
03/06/10St. CatharineW 18-3A - st. catharine-
03/09/10AndersonW 6-2H - Upland, In-
03/16/10ManchesterW 2-1H - Upland, In-
03/16/10ManchesterW 10-2H - Taylor University-
03/17/10DefianceW 7-2H - Upland, In-
03/20/10Siena Heights UnivW 3-1H - Taylor Univesrity-
03/20/10Siena Heights UnivW 4-0H - Upland, In-
03/23/10Grace CollegeW 12-2H - Taylor University-
03/23/10Grace CollegeW 11-1H - Upland, In-
03/26/10Indiana Wesleyan UnivW 9-6H - Upland, In-
03/26/10Indiana Wesleyan UnivW 6-3H - Upland, In-
03/27/10Indiana UniversityL 4-5A - Bloomington, In707
03/29/10Campbellsville UnivL 7-13A - Campbellsville-
03/30/10Lindsey Wilson CollegeW 3-1A - Columbia, Ky-
03/30/10Lindsey Wilson CollegeL 3-7A - Columbia, Ky-
03/31/10Union College KYL 2-4A - Barbourville, Ky217
03/31/10Union College KYW 8-4A - Barbourville, Ky197
04/01/10Union College KYL 2-12A - Barbourville, Ky187
04/06/10Goshen CollegeW 15-4A - Goshen, In-
04/06/10Goshen CollegeW 18-4A - Goshen, In-
04/09/10Huntington UnivW 10-4A - huntington-
04/09/10Huntington UnivW 7-0A - huntington-
04/10/10Huntington UnivL 6-8H - Upland, In-
04/10/10Huntington UnivW 10-0H - Upland, In-
04/13/10Indiana Wesleyan UnivW 7-3A - iwu-
04/15/10Marian UniversityW 8-5A - Indianapolis, In134
04/15/10Marian UniversityW 7-6A - Indianapolis, In108
04/17/10Marian UniversityW 15-5H - Upland, In-
04/17/10Marian UniversityW 12-1H - Upland, In-
04/20/10Univ of Saint Francis INL 3-4A - Ft. Wayne, IN121
04/20/10Univ of Saint Francis INL 0-1A - Ft. Wayne, IN57
04/22/10Spring Arbor UniversityW 8-0A-
04/22/10Spring Arbor UniversityW 8-4A-
04/27/10Bethel College INW 5-1H - Upland, In-
04/27/10Bethel College INW 14-3H - Taylor University-
04/29/10Bethel College INW 3-0A - Mishawaka, In-
04/29/10Bethel College INL 4-5A - Mishawaka, In-
05/04/10IN Institute of TechnologL 3-5A - Ft. Wayne, IN-
05/04/10IN Institute of TechnologW 9-7A - Ft. Wayne, IN-
05/10/10Indiana Wesleyan UnivL 1-6H - Marion, In-
05/10/10Spring Arbor UniversityW 15-5N - Marion, In-
05/11/10Bethel College INW 19-6N - Marion, In-
05/11/10Indiana Wesleyan UnivL 5-15A - Marion, In-
05/18/10South Carolina - BeaufortL 7-8N - Cleveland, TN-
05/19/10Mt Vernon NazareneL 9-21N - Cleveland, TN-
Batting Stats
Wade Rychener34192500051220410.2220.3640.222
Michael Nassar545317353494212629351016100.3060.4320.370
Derek Kinzer5343144492784126121750330.3400.4030.472
Luke Hofsommer38204810100009101212210.2080.3440.208
Michael Kraynak55551977861102957194322140.3960.4780.604
Rhett Goodmiller48431425850633232311314170.4080.5360.556
Stryker Salyer2010200000010000.0000.0000.000
Nate Hillery55541755540102437214075570.3140.3990.463
Landon Anspach5000000000000000.0000.0000.000
Sean Ford12040200013100000.0000.4290.000
Ryne Otis54541777262183136830281352110.4070.5070.763
Chuck Weaver322355131260119131613500.2360.3660.400
Brody Rathman11291110003600100.1110.3330.222
Taylor Luna494917980491311042182332010.4470.4950.698
Ethan Houts493592241830117243610910.2610.4190.326
Ryan Dykstra33135613131031051402030.2320.3180.411
Jordan Coffey52511585227121542233622220.3290.4160.513
AB: At BatH: HitsR: Runs2B: Doubles
3B: TriplesHR: Home RunsRBI: Runs Batted InBB: Walks
SO: StrikeoutsSB: Stolen BasesSF: Sacrifice FliesSH: Sacrifice Hits
HBP: Hit By PitchBA: Batting Avg.OBP: On-base %SLG: Slugging %
Fielding Stats
Wade Rychener341145720000.857
Michael Nassar54531926911670000.964
Derek Kinzer53431092866150000.862
Luke Hofsommer382077679100230.987
Michael Kraynak55552076913260000.971
Rhett Goodmiller484323321022100260.996
Nate Hillery55549693120000.979
Ryan Baker13111821150000.722
Sean Ford12022000001.000
Ryne Otis545444841028100000.978
Chuck Weaver32234893360000.875
Zach Vander Laan16102021710000.950
Brody Rathman11265100021.000
Travis Carsten12122051500001.000
Taylor Luna49498575820010.976
Ethan Houts49356157130000.951
Caleb Stertzer13051310000.800
Ryan Dykstra33132117220000.905
Chris Howell117134810000.923
Landon Good2010010000.000
Jordan Coffey52512420400061.000
Brent Kimbro13040400001.000
Travis Tomaszewski1310101810000.900
C: ChancesPO: Put OutsA: Assists
E: ErrorsPB: Passed BallsCI: Catchers Interference
SBA: Stolen Bases Against
F %: Fielding %
Pitching Stats
Michael Kraynak01811719.02715153111250951000.3337.11
Landon Anspach040002.03111101090000.3754.50
Ryan Baker111362057.263282331405132451140.2853.59
Chuck Weaver030004.098803010252010.47418.00
Zach Vander Laan101647057.27444293903402645080.3064.53
Matt Kirkendale010000.20000000020000.0000.00
Travis Carsten1212101074.181363021404813145020.2803.63
Taylor Luna0800010.117121116050542040.3869.58
Caleb Stertzer01321011.226141314080650040.45610.03
Chris Howell71141040.238221741813111814020.2393.76
Landon Good020200.13441200070000.750108.00
Jordan Coffey51231032.034221701101701474030.2644.78
Brent Kimbro01310116.12010502050732030.3032.76
Travis Tomaszewski101371057.07431278603912521050.3114.26
W: WinsL: LossesS: SavesIP: Innings Pitched
H: Hits AllowedR: Runs AllowedER: Earned Runs AllowedHR: Home Runs Allowed
BB: Total WalksIBB: Intentional WalksSO: StrikeoutsSHO: Shutouts
BF: Batters FacedWP: Wild PitchesBKS: BalksHBP: Hit Batter
OPBA: Opponents Batting Avg.ERA: Earned Run Avg.
Record: 38-17 Home: 15-1 Away: 20-13 Neutral: 3-3 Crossroads: 18-4