Taylor University Softball Record - 2013-14 Season
Taylor UniversitySeason StatisticsOpponents
1708At Bats1457
357Runs Batted In145
57Home Runs15
1Intentional Walks1
72Strikeouts Looking65
27Hit By Pitch14
98Stolen Bases47
7Caught Stealing17
28Sacrifice Hits36
11Sacrifice Flies5
136Ground Outs171
88Fly Outs61
6Grounded Into Double Play4
1Picked Off2
0.343Batting Average0.237
0.528Slugging %0.314
0.398On Base %0.317
1151Put Outs1132
10Passed Balls15
0Catchers Interference0
0.961Fielding %0.933
33Complete Games24
383.2Innings Pitched377.1
346Hits Allowed586
178Runs Allowed410
141Earned Runs Allowed329
158Walks Allowed137
1Intentional Walks1
65Strikeouts Looking72
60Doubles Allowed117
3Triples Allowed14
15Home Runs Allowed57
33Wild Pitches28
1670Batters Faced1911
1457Opponents At Bat1708
14Hit Batters27
0.237Opponent Batting Average0.343
2.57Earned Run Average6.10
Games Summary
DateOpponentScore VenueAttendence
02/01/14Northwood UniversityW 8-6A - West Palm Beach, FL57
02/01/14Northwood UniversityW 16-5A - West Palm Beach, FL61
02/21/14Cumberland (Tenn.)W 4-2A - Lebanon, TN-
02/21/14Cumberland (Tenn.)L 0-2A - Lebanon, TN-
02/22/14Brescia UniversityW 10-0N - Lebanon, TN-
02/22/14Brescia UniversityW 8-0N - Lebanon, TN-
02/28/14Midway CollegeW 14-4A - Midway, KY-
02/28/14Midway CollegeW 7-2A - Midway, KY-
03/01/14Asbury CollegeW 19-1A - Wilmore, KY-
03/01/14Asbury CollegeW 9-0A - Wilmore, KY-
03/07/14Tennessee Temple UnivW 11-0A - Chattanooga, TN-
03/07/14Tennessee Temple UnivW 10-1A - Chattanooga, TN-
03/08/14Tennessee Wesleyan CollegL 1-3A - Athens, TN-
03/08/14Tennessee Wesleyan CollegL 5-7A - Athens, TN-
03/14/14Purdue University CalumetL 1-8N - Elizabethtown, KY-
03/14/14Judson CollegeW 7-4N - Elizabethtown, KY-
03/15/14Roosevelt (Ill.)W 12-1N - Elizabethtown, KY-
03/15/14Saint Mary-of-the-WoodsW 6-1N - Elizabethtown, KY-
03/15/14Purdue University CalumetL 2-4N - Elizabethtown, KY-
03/20/14Grace CollegeW 10-2H - Upland, IN40
03/20/14Grace CollegeW 7-1H - Upland, IN-
03/21/14Goshen CollegeW 10-0H - Upland, IN55
03/21/14Goshen CollegeW 6-3H - Upland, IN55
03/22/14Indiana Wesleyan UniversiL 8-10H - Upland, IN50
03/22/14Indiana Wesleyan UniversiL 7-12H - Upland, IN70
03/28/14University of Saint FrancW 11-5H - Upland, IN50
03/28/14University of Saint FrancW 9-5H - Upland, IN55
04/01/14Mount Vernon Nazarene ColW 7-1A - Mount Vernon, OH-
04/01/14Mount Vernon Nazarene ColL 4-5A - Mount Vernon, OH-
04/02/14Huntington CollegeW 12-4H - Upland, IN40
04/02/14Huntington CollegeW 5-2H - Upland, IN40
04/05/14Marian CollegeW 8-2A - Indianapolis, IN-
04/05/14Marian CollegeW 3-0A - Indianapolis, IN-
04/08/14Grace CollegeW 3-1A - Winona Lake, IN, IN-
04/08/14Grace CollegeL 1-2A - Winona Lake, IN-
04/11/14Goshen CollegeW 10-2A - Goshen, IN-
04/11/14Goshen CollegeW 9-1A - Goshen, IN-
04/12/14Indiana Wesleyan UniversiW 16-5A - Marion, IN100
04/12/14Indiana Wesleyan UniversiW 8-2A - Marion, IN100
04/16/14Huntington CollegeW 2-0A - Huntington, IN-
04/16/14Huntington CollegeW 8-3A - Huntington, IN-
04/17/14Spring Arbor UniversityL 1-7H - Upland, IN55
04/17/14Spring Arbor UniversityL 0-1H - Upland, IN45
04/18/14University of Saint FrancW 7-2A - Ft. Wayne, IN83
04/18/14University of Saint FrancW 8-6A - Ft. Wayne, IN57
04/22/14Mount Vernon Nazarene ColL 1-5H - Upland, IN50
04/22/14Mount Vernon Nazarene ColL 5-6H - Upland, IN40
04/25/14Bethel CollegeL 0-2A - Lakeville, IN-
04/25/14Bethel CollegeW 13-4A - Lakeville, IN-
04/26/14Marian CollegeW 11-0H - Upland, IN90
04/26/14Marian CollegeW 13-1H - Upland, IN80
04/30/14Marian CollegeW 5-4H - Upland, IN100
04/30/14Mount Vernon Nazarene ColW 9-0N - Upland, IN85
05/01/14Bethel CollegeW 5-1N - Upland, IN90
05/02/14Huntington CollegeL 7-8H - Upland, IN120
05/02/14Huntington CollegeW 7-1H - Upland, IN130
05/12/14Biola (Calif.)L 0-4N - Waleska, GA-
05/13/14Georgetown (Ky.)W 4-3N - Waleska, GA-
05/13/14Biola (Calif.)L 1-4N - Waleska, GA104
Batting Stats
Hannah Robbins50451375524120425101200000.4010.4420.577
Becca Burchette1893388302121802000.2420.2500.515
Erin Tice25154281201056600100.1900.2920.238
Hannah Klebesadel272110000000000000.0000.0000.000
Mackenzie Hiers48431063130602151222110630.2920.3800.406
Alex Lovelace595821190591912492216251110.4270.4810.555
Bethany Bates42248124225132522121010.2960.3180.494
Lauren Ehle555317572491221763113551050.4110.4580.794
Emily Tweedy575718070451233321815112290.3890.4640.539
Sabrina Alaniz4031210001100000.3330.5000.667
Morgan Allison51411224328515221019190500.3520.4020.533
Micaela Christensen4742129402913022281340130.3100.3640.457
Taylor Murray1010294000020800000.1380.1380.138
Anna Gunderson565419263451325291025143800.3280.3560.495
Karon Earley393110028299331991441000.2800.3360.520
Caitlin Vukorpa54485814143031261330300.2410.3130.448
Maddie Cornell10030000001100000.0000.2500.000
Jordan Broomfield4042000030000000.5000.5000.500
Ashley Miller4136102331540622101300150.3240.4100.539
AB: At BatH: HitsR: Runs2B: Doubles
3B: TriplesHR: Home RunsRBI: Runs Batted InBB: Walks
SO: StrikeoutsSB: Stolen BasesSF: Sacrifice FliesSH: Sacrifice Hits
HBP: Hit By PitchBA: Batting Avg.OBP: On-base %SLG: Slugging %
Fielding Stats
Hannah Robbins50451601154500001.000
Becca Burchette189188730000.833
Erin Tice251586110000.875
Hannah Klebesadel27213272320000.938
Mackenzie Hiers48431495282150000.899
Alex Lovelace59586658800001.000
Bethany Bates4224206190970000.966
Lauren Ehle555322916363340220.987
Emily Tweedy575725816882830150.969
Sabrina Alaniz4011000001.000
Morgan Allison51412422110000.958
Micaela Christensen474294622663070.936
Taylor Murray10101713220030.882
Anna Gunderson565420211873110000.946
Karon Earley393141201830000.927
Caitlin Vukorpa54485147310000.980
Maddie Cornell10061500001.000
Jordan Broomfield4088000001.000
Ashley Miller4136143924830000.979
C: ChancesPO: Put OutsA: Assists
E: ErrorsPB: Passed BallsCI: Catchers Interference
SBA: Stolen Bases Against
F %: Fielding %
Pitching Stats
Hannah Robbins22251840127.21015345646011435388090.2172.47
Hannah Klebesadel21271570127.110356436651122355512140.2202.36
Maddie Cornell01010022.028139190901003000.3112.86
Ashley Miller1623863106.21145644238062247710010.2632.89
W: WinsL: LossesS: SavesIP: Innings Pitched
H: Hits AllowedR: Runs AllowedER: Earned Runs AllowedHR: Home Runs Allowed
BB: Total WalksIBB: Intentional WalksSO: StrikeoutsSHO: Shutouts
BF: Batters FacedWP: Wild PitchesBKS: BalksHBP: Hit Batter
OPBA: Opponents Batting Avg.ERA: Earned Run Avg.
Record: 42-17 Home: 14-7 Away: 20-6 Neutral: 8-4 Crossroads: 23-9