Taylor University Baseball Record - 2013-14 Season
Taylor UniversitySeason StatisticsOpponents
1621At Bats1568
322Runs Batted In208
26Home Runs21
8Intentional Walks8
104Strikeouts Looking97
84Hit By Pitch43
66Stolen Bases44
14Caught Stealing21
31Sacrifice Hits33
21Sacrifice Flies8
186Ground Outs201
168Fly Outs193
36Grounded Into Double Play30
10Picked Off12
0.313Batting Average0.279
0.434Slugging %0.377
0.422On Base %0.348
1214Put Outs1185
9Passed Balls18
1Catchers Interference0
0.965Fielding %0.947
15Complete Games9
404.2Innings Pitched395.0
437Hits Allowed507
231Runs Allowed371
188Earned Runs Allowed298
127Walks Allowed238
8Intentional Walks8
97Strikeouts Looking104
71Doubles Allowed100
10Triples Allowed9
21Home Runs Allowed26
26Wild Pitches47
1780Batters Faced1995
1568Opponents At Bat1621
43Hit Batters84
0.279Opponent Batting Average0.313
4.18Earned Run Average6.79
Games Summary
DateOpponentScore VenueAttendence
01/28/14Clearwater ChristianW 13-0A - Clearwater, FL72
01/29/14Warner Southern CollegeW 3-1A - Lake Wales, FL106
02/14/14Cumberland UniversityL 5-15A - Lebanon, TN43
02/15/14Cumberland UniversityL 1-6A - Lebanon, TN71
02/15/14Cumberland UniversityL 2-8A - Lebanon, TN72
02/21/14Lindsey Wilson CollegeW 3-1A - Columbia, Ky72
02/22/14Lindsey Wilson CollegeL 6-16A - Columbia, KY99
02/22/14Judson (Ill.)L 0-2N - Columbia, KY99
02/28/14Indiana Institute of TechL 2-7N - Campbellsville, KY-
03/01/14Indiana Institute of TechW 7-4N - Campbellsville, KY-
03/01/14Indiana Institute of TechL 1-3N - Campbellsville, KY-
03/10/14Concordia UniversityW 3-0H - Upland, IN75
03/10/14Concordia UniversityW 6-2H - Upland, IN71
03/11/14Manchester UniversityL 5-7H - Upland, IN82
03/11/14Manchester UniversityL 1-2H - Upland, IN65
03/15/14Concordia UniversityL 1-2H - Upland, IN105
03/15/14Concordia UniversityW 11-4H - Upland, IN85
03/18/14Defiance CollegeW 7-2H - Upland, IN47
03/20/14Marian CollegeW 6-2A - Indianapolis, IN109
03/20/14Marian CollegeW 5-2A - Indianapolis, IN63
03/22/14Marian CollegeW 6-2H - Upland, IN63
03/22/14Marian CollegeW 6-2H - Upland, IN61
03/27/14Mount Vernon Nazarene ColL 4-5A - Mount Vernon, OH-
03/27/14Mount Vernon Nazarene ColL 5-6A - Mount Vernon, OH-
03/28/14Mount Vernon Nazarene ColW 10-0H - Upland, IN45
03/28/14Mount Vernon Nazarene ColW 13-1H - Upland, IN40
03/31/14Goshen CollegeW 10-1H - Upland, IN56
03/31/14Goshen CollegeW 15-6H - Upland, IN52
04/01/14Goshen CollegeW 7-0A - Goshen, IN20
04/01/14Goshen CollegeW 12-2A - Goshen, IN20
04/05/14Grace CollegeW 5-2H - Upland, IN105
04/05/14Grace CollegeW 7-6H - Upland, IN72
04/09/14Spring Arbor UniversityW 3-2A - Spring Arbor, MI-
04/09/14Spring Arbor UniversityL 1-2A - Spring Arbor, MI-
04/10/14Spring Arbor UniversityW 4-2H - Upland, IN67
04/10/14Spring Arbor UniversityL 2-5H - Upland, IN52
04/12/14Huntington CollegeL 3-13H - Upland, IN212
04/12/14Huntington CollegeW 14-5H - Upland, IN188
04/16/14Huntington CollegeL 3-4A - Huntington, IN40
04/16/14Huntington CollegeL 5-8A - Huntington, IN40
04/17/14University of Saint FrancW 15-4H - Upland, IN45
04/17/14University of Saint FrancL 9-11H - Upland, IN45
04/19/14University of Saint FrancW 13-2A - Ft. Wayne, IN93
04/19/14University of Saint FrancW 11-8A - Ft. Wayne, IN63
04/21/14Indiana Wesleyan UniversiW 8-5A - Marion, IN41
04/21/14Indiana Wesleyan UniversiW 9-4A - Marion, IN52
04/24/14Indiana Wesleyan UniversiW 4-1H - Upland, IN71
04/24/14Indiana Wesleyan UniversiW 9-0H - Upland, IN55
04/26/14Bethel CollegeL 3-4A - Mishawaka, IN60
04/26/14Bethel CollegeW 9-3A - Mishawaka, IN60
04/29/14Bethel CollegeW 12-3H - Upland, IN81
04/29/14Bethel CollegeL 11-13H - Upland, IN83
05/03/14Marian CollegeL 8-9H - Upland, IN135
05/05/14Indiana Wesleyan UniversiW 11-0N - Upland, IN85
05/05/14Marian CollegeW 13-0H - Upland, IN87
05/06/14Spring Arbor UniversityL 3-5H - Upland, IN96
Batting Stats
Nathan Shelton350511400002010000.2000.4290.200
Grant Hendershot565618460481221302827162250.3260.4250.429
Blake Eversole3517374010043801640.1080.2440.135
Tyler Namoff245213310030900320.1430.2170.190
Jake West56531444925802423623021110.3400.4970.438
Kevin Garrity48731111820040520430.3550.4120.419
Austin York565617961481302382624815130.3410.4570.447
Luke Hunter151010000000000000.0000.0000.000
Danny Moorehead565619167561538422931153060.3510.4450.586
Kevin Fahy55541895943911262130113280.3120.3980.386
Brent Minta554212434770019131411380.2740.3770.331
Caleb Miller24310000001000000.0000.5000.000
Brian Moore52511755833100033151261320.3310.3890.389
Josh Pfotenhauer244252001051501020.0800.1720.160
Alex Senyshyn55541444030111230323854190.2780.4290.410
Levi Baumer314287500034601000.2500.3330.250
Ryan Masters11300100000000000.0000.0000.000
Jordan Coffey4545142514011110432727111110.3590.4920.662
AB: At BatH: HitsR: Runs2B: Doubles
3B: TriplesHR: Home RunsRBI: Runs Batted InBB: Walks
SO: StrikeoutsSB: Stolen BasesSF: Sacrifice FliesSH: Sacrifice Hits
HBP: Hit By PitchBA: Batting Avg.OBP: On-base %SLG: Slugging %
Fielding Stats
Nathan Shelton35044000001.000
Grant Hendershot5656125113660000.952
Blake Eversole351712411113040141.000
Tyler Namoff2452441820000.917
Jake West5653100246880000.920
Kevin Garrity48746192610000.978
Austin York565622774133200000.912
Logan Rodgers11051400001.000
Luke Hunter15102261510000.955
Josh DeGraaf161524111300001.000
Danny Moorehead56565150010000.980
Eric Kartman14141711420000.882
Kevin Fahy55548581130000.965
Brent Minta554223219435350290.987
Caleb Miller243133910000.923
Brian Moore5251185849650000.973
Josh Pfotenhauer244149320110.857
Alex Senyshyn55541471341030000.980
Levi Baumer31476100001.000
Ryan Masters11320110000.500
Jordan Coffey45453012841520010.993
Cody Bayle13951400001.000
C: ChancesPO: Put OutsA: Assists
E: ErrorsPB: Passed BallsCI: Catchers Interference
SBA: Stolen Bases Against
F %: Fielding %
Pitching Stats
Jake West0900110.1126402130450000.2933.48
Logan Rodgers01102015.2271815460120751100.3978.62
Luke Hunter91542163.2682927217140127120110.2883.82
Josh DeGraaf151683089.285342521209313667060.2522.51
Eric Kartman141484076.272383132228723315090.2423.64
Brent Minta01521225.124131211201601131260.2584.26
Caleb Miller32256146.06532252732702073050.3444.89
Levi Baumer020001.223204000120010.33310.80
Ryan Masters3911013.02518183170120813020.41712.46
Jordan Coffey341209.015149150100481010.3579.00
Cody Bayle91351053.242262032312922313520.2113.35
W: WinsL: LossesS: SavesIP: Innings Pitched
H: Hits AllowedR: Runs AllowedER: Earned Runs AllowedHR: Home Runs Allowed
BB: Total WalksIBB: Intentional WalksSO: StrikeoutsSHO: Shutouts
BF: Batters FacedWP: Wild PitchesBKS: BalksHBP: Hit Batter
OPBA: Opponents Batting Avg.ERA: Earned Run Avg.
Record: 34-22 Home: 19-9 Away: 13-10 Neutral: 2-3 Crossroads: 24-10