Taylor University Softball Record - 2015-16 Season
Taylor UniversitySeason StatisticsOpponents
1514At Bats1427
246Runs Batted In184
38Home Runs20
0Intentional Walks3
67Strikeouts Looking47
24Hit By Pitch19
39Stolen Bases41
10Caught Stealing16
34Sacrifice Hits42
9Sacrifice Flies8
227Ground Outs328
115Fly Outs99
7Grounded Into Double Play9
0Picked Off2
0.297Batting Average0.259
0.439Slugging %0.351
0.366On Base %0.337
1074Put Outs1074
13Passed Balls16
0Catchers Interference0
0.950Fielding %0.943
18Complete Games26
358.0Innings Pitched358.0
370Hits Allowed448
215Runs Allowed277
154Earned Runs Allowed204
153Walks Allowed146
3Intentional Walks0
47Strikeouts Looking67
61Doubles Allowed74
5Triples Allowed14
20Home Runs Allowed38
25Wild Pitches29
1649Batters Faced1727
1427Opponents At Bat1514
19Hit Batters24
0.259Opponent Batting Average0.296
3.01Earned Run Average3.99
Games Summary
DateOpponentScore VenueAttendence
02/12/16Tennessee Wesleyan CollegW 8-6N - Waleska, GA103
02/12/16Reinhardt CollegeL 5-9A - Waleska, GA103
02/13/16Reinhardt CollegeL 7-11A - Waleska, GA98
02/13/16Georgetown CollegeL 4-9N - Waleska, GA97
02/20/16Indiana TechW 7-1N - Westfield, IN-
02/20/16Indiana TechW 4-0N - Westfield, IN-
02/26/16Cumberland UniversityW 6-3A - Lebanon, TN-
02/26/16Cumberland UniversityW 6-1A - Lebanon, TN-
02/27/16Martin Methodist CollegeL 0-4N - Lebanon, TN22
02/27/16Martin Methodist CollegeL 7-8N - Lebanon, TN22
03/11/16Lourdes UniversityW 7-4H - Upland, IN-
03/11/16Lourdes UniversityW 3-0H - Upland, IN-
03/12/16University of Cincinnati-W 8-0H - Upland, IN-
03/12/16University of Cincinnati-W 12-0H - Upland, IN-
03/15/16Indiana Wesleyan UniversiL 0-5H - Upland, IN-
03/15/16Indiana Wesleyan UniversiL 4-5H - Upland, IN-
03/18/16Mount Vernon Nazarene ColW 6-3H - Upland, IN-
03/18/16Mount Vernon Nazarene ColW 9-4H - Upland, IN-
03/22/16IU Southeast (Ind.)L 7-8A - New Albany, IN-
03/22/16IU Southeast (Ind.)L 4-5A - New Albany, IN-
03/23/16Marian CollegeL 1-2A - Indianapolis, IN109
03/23/16Marian CollegeL 8-10A - Indianapolis, IN128
03/29/16Huntington CollegeL 1-5H - Upland, IN-
03/29/16Huntington CollegeL 0-9H - Upland, IN-
04/05/16Bethel CollegeW 9-0A - Mishawaka, IN-
04/05/16Bethel CollegeW 6-0A - Mishawaka, IN-
04/07/16Goshen CollegeL 5-6H - Upland, IN-
04/07/16Goshen CollegeW 9-1H - Upland, IN-
04/12/16Indiana Wesleyan UniversiL 2-3A - Marion, IN-
04/12/16Indiana Wesleyan UniversiL 0-8A - Marion, IN-
04/13/16Spring Arbor UniversityW 6-3H - Upland, IN-
04/13/16Spring Arbor UniversityW 5-0H - Upland, IN-
04/15/16Marian CollegeL 1-2H - Upland, IN-
04/15/16Marian CollegeL 4-7H - Upland, IN-
04/16/16Mount Vernon Nazarene ColL 7-8A - Mount Vernon, OH176
04/16/16Mount Vernon Nazarene ColL 3-4A - Mount Vernon, OH174
04/18/16Goshen CollegeW 10-1A - Goshen, IN-
04/18/16Goshen CollegeW 6-2A - Goshen, IN-
04/20/16University of Saint FrancL 4-6A - Ft. Wayne, IN75
04/20/16University of Saint FrancW 13-4A - Ft. Wayne, IN43
04/22/16Huntington CollegeW 6-2N - Upland, IN-
04/22/16Huntington CollegeL 0-4N - Upland, IN-
04/23/16University of Saint FrancW 4-1H - Upland, IN-
04/23/16University of Saint FrancW 6-1H - Upland, IN-
04/26/16Bethel CollegeW 7-1H - Upland, IN-
04/26/16Bethel CollegeW 2-1H - Upland, IN-
04/27/16Grace CollegeW 15-3H - Upland, IN-
04/27/16Grace CollegeW 5-2H - Upland, IN-
04/29/16Spring Arbor UniversityL 4-6A - Spring Arbor, MI90
04/29/16Spring Arbor UniversityL 1-2A - Spring Arbor, MI80
05/02/16Grace CollegeL 2-10A - Winona Lake, IN-
05/02/16Grace CollegeL 0-2A - Winona Lake, IN-
05/05/16Indiana Wesleyan UniversiW 6-5N - Upland, IN65
05/05/16Huntington CollegeL 4-5H - Upland, IN87
05/06/16University of Saint FrancL 2-3N - Indiianapolis, IN-
Batting Stats
Hannah Robbins3732862310700971100400.2670.3230.349
Hannah Simmons28161500013000000.1670.4440.167
Andi Stewart23124816710084410010.3330.3960.354
Abby Smith62111000011100010.0910.2310.091
Courtney Moriarty49401214122615195812200.3390.3590.529
Alex Lovelace555418366421133301911131500.3610.4190.503
Davis Carter514815246307083417500100.3030.3730.507
Briley Spencer1512244320015700110.1670.3330.250
Lauren Ehle54541726433105944213230200.3720.4400.645
Tori Eppard2030000001100000.0000.2500.000
Hannah Castor4135107348303189910140.3180.3920.430
Morgan Allison5352811319122972742630.1600.2470.296
Taylor Murray128265100012600000.1920.2500.192
Jessie Britt434369192152312112511260.2750.4140.536
Anna Gunderson48481353626501161017123400.2670.3110.326
Olivia Hostetler30122781011183710400.2960.3670.519
Justice Carmichael4743133362310001361820110.2710.3070.346
Maddie Cornell26531000011000100.3330.5000.333
Ary DiBernardo10693300044200000.3330.5380.333
Ashley Miller4743118321550317101500070.2710.3630.390
AB: At BatH: HitsR: Runs2B: Doubles
3B: TriplesHR: Home RunsRBI: Runs Batted InBB: Walks
SO: StrikeoutsSB: Stolen BasesSF: Sacrifice FliesSH: Sacrifice Hits
HBP: Hit By PitchBA: Batting Avg.OBP: On-base %SLG: Slugging %
Fielding Stats
Hannah Robbins373252232810020.981
Hannah Simmons28121010000.500
Andi Stewart231253222830000.943
Abby Smith6250410000.800
Courtney Moriarty4940133467980000.940
Alex Lovelace555469531330000.957
Davis Carter514835632920750130.980
Briley Spencer151290781021060.978
Lauren Ehle545417771100660190.966
Tori Eppard201110010000.909
Morgan Allison53525954230000.949
Taylor Murray1282016401031.000
Jessie Britt434319059109220000.884
Anna Gunderson484821285111160000.925
Olivia Hostetler3012109010000.900
Justice Carmichael47434035230000.925
Maddie Cornell2652231900001.000
Ary DiBernardo1062591240000.840
Ashley Miller47432261714960000.973
C: ChancesPO: Put OutsA: Assists
E: ErrorsPB: Passed BallsCI: Catchers Interference
SBA: Stolen Bases Against
F %: Fielding %
Pitching Stats
Hannah Robbins2225970112.1117624874516815113020.2592.99
Courtney Moriarty82669380.2685636348144138541100.2203.12
Maddie Cornell52636361.276403242613202919010.2933.63
Ashley Miller2025960103.1109573863403114629060.2672.57
W: WinsL: LossesS: SavesIP: Innings Pitched
H: Hits AllowedR: Runs AllowedER: Earned Runs AllowedHR: Home Runs Allowed
BB: Total WalksIBB: Intentional WalksSO: StrikeoutsSHO: Shutouts
BF: Batters FacedWP: Wild PitchesBKS: BalksHBP: Hit Batter
OPBA: Opponents Batting Avg.ERA: Earned Run Avg.
Record: 27-28 Home: 15-8 Away: 7-15 Neutral: 5-5 Crossroads: 17-19