Taylor (Ind.) Baseball Record - 2016-17 Season
Taylor (Ind.)Season StatisticsOpponents
965At Bats928
228Runs Batted In163
25Home Runs22
1Intentional Walks2
64Strikeouts Looking34
42Hit By Pitch43
86Stolen Bases43
8Caught Stealing10
8Sacrifice Hits27
24Sacrifice Flies10
153Ground Outs185
148Fly Outs121
8Grounded Into Double Play22
6Picked Off11
0.328Batting Average0.301
0.488Slugging %0.435
0.430On Base %0.381
698Put Outs684
8Passed Balls5
0Catchers Interference2
0.952Fielding %0.945
0Complete Games0
232.2Innings Pitched228.0
279Hits Allowed317
177Runs Allowed247
147Earned Runs Allowed208
83Walks Allowed148
2Intentional Walks1
34Strikeouts Looking64
47Doubles Allowed73
6Triples Allowed3
22Home Runs Allowed25
24Wild Pitches26
1091Batters Faced1189
928Opponents At Bat965
43Hit Batters42
0.301Opponent Batting Average0.328
5.69Earned Run Average8.21
Games Summary
DateOpponentScore VenueAttendence
02/04/17Union (Ky.)L 0-13A - Barbourville, KY50
02/04/17Union (Ky.)L 4-10A - Barbourville, KY50
02/09/17Reinhardt (Ga.)W 2-0A - Waleska, GA40
02/09/17Reinhardt (Ga.)L 4-5A - Waleska, GA40
02/10/17Toccoa Falls CollegeL 2-7A - Toccoa Falls, GA35
02/11/17Toccoa Falls CollegeW 8-3A - Toccoa Falls, GA30
02/11/17Toccoa Falls CollegeW 18-0A - Toccoa Falls, GA35
02/17/17IU South Bend (Ind.)W 15-9H - Upland, IN215
02/18/17IU South Bend (Ind.)W 12-7H - Upland, IN183
02/18/17IU South Bend (Ind.)L 10-15H - Upland, IN175
02/20/17Anderson UniversityW 8-4H - Upland, IN171
02/23/17Indiana TechL 4-6H - Upland, IN90
02/23/17Indiana TechL 3-7H - Upland, IN65
02/27/17Indiana TechW 4-3H - Upland, IN51
03/03/17Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)L 0-1A - Columbia, KY125
03/04/17Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)L 4-5A - Columbia, KY117
03/04/17Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)L 10-17A - Columbia, KY114
03/07/17Manchester UniversityW 19-7H - Upland, IN47
03/09/17Marygrove (Mich.)W 11-0H - Upland, IN37
03/09/17Marygrove (Mich.)W 16-3H - Upland, IN31
03/16/17Lourdes (Ohio)W 5-1H - Upland, IN31
03/21/17Marian (Ind.)W 8-7H - Upland, IN34
03/21/17Marian (Ind.)W 4-2H - Upland, IN30
03/24/17Bethel (Ind.)W 14-8A - Mishawaka, IN-
03/24/17Bethel (Ind.)W 11-1A - Mishawaka, IN-
03/25/17Bethel (Ind.)L 20-21N - Upland, IN-
03/27/17Spring Arbor (Mich.)W 13-5H - Upland, IN53
03/27/17Spring Arbor (Mich.)W 16-6H - Upland, IN53
03/29/17Marian (Ind.)L 2-4H - Upland, IN67
03/31/17Mount Vernon Nazarene (OhTo be PlayedA - Mount Vernon, OH-
04/01/17Mount Vernon Nazarene (OhTo be PlayedA - Mount Vernon, OH-
04/01/17Mount Vernon Nazarene (OhTo be PlayedA - Mount Vernon, OH-
04/03/17Spring Arbor (Mich.)To be PlayedH - Upland, IN-
04/04/17Aquinas (Mich.)To be PlayedH - Upland, IN-
04/04/17Aquinas (Mich.)To be PlayedH - Upland, IN-
04/06/17Indiana WesleyanTo be PlayedH - Upland, IN-
04/08/17Indiana WesleyanTo be PlayedH - Upland, IN-
04/08/17Indiana WesleyanTo be PlayedH - Upland, IN-
04/11/17Goshen (Ind.)To be PlayedA - Goshen, IN-
04/11/17Goshen (Ind.)To be PlayedA - Goshen, IN-
04/13/17Saint Francis (Ind.)To be PlayedA - Fort Wayne, IN-
04/15/17Saint Francis (Ind.)To be PlayedA - Fort Wayne, IN-
04/15/17Saint Francis (Ind.)To be PlayedA - Fort Wayne, IN-
04/19/17Goshen (Ind.)To be PlayedA - Goshen, IN-
04/21/17Huntington (Ind.)To be PlayedH - Upland, IN-
04/22/17Huntington (Ind.)To be PlayedH - Upland, IN-
04/22/17Huntington (Ind.)To be PlayedH - Upland, IN-
04/26/17Lourdes (Ohio)To be PlayedA - Sylvania, OH-
04/26/17Lourdes (Ohio)To be PlayedA - Sylvania, OH-
04/28/17Grace (Ind.)To be PlayedH - Upland, IN-
04/29/17Grace (Ind.)To be PlayedH - Upland, IN-
04/29/17Grace (Ind.)To be PlayedH - Upland, IN-
Batting Stats
Christian McGill23734872028101211020.2350.4260.471
Josh Lane2928992727500151817113220.2730.3850.323
Trevor Booth163140400034710000.0000.2220.000
Andrew Kennedy2624611874001091211010.2950.3890.361
Jared Adkins29281043635807261517172040.3460.4400.625
Tanner Watson29291114227110228161652240.3780.4660.532
Wyatt Whitman2927883124804261925121060.3520.4910.580
Nathan Targgart292912149241214279815010.4050.4340.620
Brett Lawson184113110020500020.2730.3850.364
Sam Wiese29291104123100124814151070.3730.4440.491
Bram Wood23123791220110121730130.2430.4620.378
Josh Pfotenhauer93116310042201120.5450.6250.636
Kyle Kelsheimer2100010000000130000.0000.0000.000
Logan Robertson1021000000100000.5000.5000.500
Charles Brads2020100000100000.0000.0000.000
Alex Sanders9172210132201000.2860.4000.857
Brian Fields2111347103009111102030.2060.4200.294
Austin Mettica2827103342052329101714120.3300.3870.505
Riley Reimschisel252163800042650020.1880.3500.188
Cody Tait2000000001000100.0001.0000.000
Nate Starcher5000100000000000.0000.0000.000
Chase Roberts1000100000000010.0001.0000.000
AB: At BatH: HitsR: Runs2B: Doubles
3B: TriplesHR: Home RunsRBI: Runs Batted InBB: Walks
SO: StrikeoutsSB: Stolen BasesSF: Sacrifice FliesSH: Sacrifice Hits
HBP: Hit By PitchBA: Batting Avg.OBP: On-base %SLG: Slugging %
Fielding Stats
Christian McGill23733000001.000
Josh Lane29281404088120000.914
Trevor Booth1632441910000.958
Clay Riggins8120200001.000
Andrew Kennedy2624126119520000.984
Jared Adkins2928123675150000.959
Matt Patton10472500001.000
Tanner Watson29291089611110250.991
Logan Rodgers13051400001.000
Wyatt Whitman29273426440000.882
Luke Hunter87112810000.909
Nathan Targgart29291053162120000.886
Brett Lawson18431141430000.903
Sam Wiese29296867100001.000
Jordan Crabb981811610000.944
Bram Wood23122221010000.955
Josh Pfotenhauer9333000001.000
Logan Robertson1010100001.000
Mitch Ubelhor7320200001.000
Justin Pettit1010100001.000
Alex Sanders91107301021.000
Brian Fields2111120113430000.975
Austin Mettica282782718360160.963
Riley Reimschisel252119110000.909
Colin Eggleson10271510000.857
Nate Starcher5020200001.000
C: ChancesPO: Put OutsA: Assists
E: ErrorsPB: Passed BallsCI: Catchers Interference
SBA: Stolen Bases Against
F %: Fielding %
Pitching Stats
Clay Riggins1810011.116131005020574030.3567.94
Andrew Kennedy4630021.0251212210070981040.3015.14
Matt Patton41003128.03930252912301453070.3158.04
Logan Rodgers01361127.225141111102501273180.2403.58
Luke Hunter7831030.138222031102101390070.3255.93
Brett Lawson0900211.1139932060481020.3027.15
Rob Fox0120109.1103313040422020.2702.89
Jordan Crabb8925042.24823132702801884120.2792.74
Zak Eckerle060106.015101031050330110.48415.00
Mitch Ubelhor3700016.01719161120150784010.2889.00
Justin Pettit010000.11111000020000.50027.00
Brian Fields010000.10000100030010.0000.00
Colin Eggleson21020025.13016123811801122010.3004.26
Nate Starcher040003.025503000190140.20015.00
W: WinsL: LossesS: SavesIP: Innings Pitched
H: Hits AllowedR: Runs AllowedER: Earned Runs AllowedHR: Home Runs Allowed
BB: Total WalksIBB: Intentional WalksSO: StrikeoutsSHO: Shutouts
BF: Batters FacedWP: Wild PitchesBKS: BalksHBP: Hit Batter
OPBA: Opponents Batting Avg.ERA: Earned Run Avg.
Record: 17-12 Home: 12-4 Away: 5-7 Neutral: 0-1 Crossroads: 6-2