1978 Trojan Hall of Fame Inductee - Brad Ludwick
Brad Ludwick
Inducted: 1978
Category: Student Athlete
Sports: Men's Track and Field/Men's Cross Country
  • Lettered all four years in both track and cross country
  • A member of two of Taylor's finest cross country teams which finished sixth and seventh nationally
  • Won both the conference and NAIA district in cross country in his senior year
  • In 1971, was the Indiana Little State Champion in track for both the mile and two mile runs, as well as the conference champion in the same two races.
  • Repeated as champion in the 1972 Little State mile, setting a new record
  • Earned his highest honor in the NAIA national indoor mile, being named an All-American
  • Chosen as a member of the American track team that competed against 16 African national teams in the Israeli Games in Tel Aviv.
Trojan Hall of Fame
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1984Drew WhitfieldWrestlingStudent Athlete1979
1984Trevor TiptonFootball/BaseballStudent Athlete1979
1984Steve GradelessMen's Track and Field/Men's Cross CountryStudent Athlete1976
1983John Wheeler-Meritorious Service1954
1983Charles StuartMen's Track and FieldStudent Athlete1935
1982Gordon PritzFootball/WrestlingStudent Athlete1977
1982Glenn GuerinWrestlingStudent Athlete1977
1982Don FaimonMen's GolfStudent Athlete1977
1981Steve RenakerMen's Golf/Men's BasketballStudent Athlete1976
1981Taylor OliverMen's Cross Country/Track and FieldStudent Athlete1974
1981David BowersMen and Women'sTrack and Field/Men's and Women's Cross CountryCoach1964
1980Steve OfficerMen's Track and FieldStudent Athlete1975
1980Roger JenkinsonMen's Basketball/BaseballStudent Athlete1960
1980Gary FriesenMen's Basketball/Men's Track and FieldStudent Athlete1975
1979Conrad RehlingMen's GolfCoach1943
1979Dennis McBrierFootballStudent Athlete1973
1978Kevin SorensenFootball/Wrestling/Men's Track and FieldStudent Athlete1973
1978Dick PlantsMen's Cross Country/Men's Track and FieldStudent Athlete1952
1978Brad LudwickMen's Track and Field/Men's Cross CountryStudent Athlete1972
1977Gary JonesFootball/Men's Track and FieldStudent Athlete1966
1977Art HowardMen's Basketball/Men's Tennis/BaseballStudent Athlete1934
1977George GlassMen's Track and Field/Men's Cross CountryCoach1958
1976Ken O'BrienBaseballStudent Athlete1968
1976Carl HonakerMen's Basketball/Men's Track and FieldStudent Athlete1955
1976Ralph FooteMen's Track and Field/Men's Cross CountryStudent Athlete1972
1975Larry WinterholterMen's Basketball/BaseballStudent Athlete1964
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1975Tom DillonMen's Basketball/Football/BaseballStudent Athlete1968
1974Benjamin MosherFootball/BaseballStudent Athlete1962
1974Jack KingBaseballCoach1959
1974Phil CaptainMen's Track and Field/Men's Cross CountryStudent Athlete1969
1974Donald CallanFootball/Men's BasketballStudent Athlete1955
1973Don OdleMen's Basketball/BaseballStudent Athlete1942
1973Phil MillerBaseball/Men's Basketball/Men's Track and Field/Men's TennisStudent Athlete1936
1973David KasteleinFootball/Men's Basketball/Men's Track and FieldStudent Athlete1964
1973Forrest JacksonMen's Basketball/Men's Cross CountryStudent Athlete1954
1973Don GranitzFootball/Men's Basketball/Baseball/Men's Track and FieldStudent Athlete1952
1973Bob DavenportFootballCoach1976
1973Hersch CornwellMen's BasketballCoach