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The Trojan Club is Taylor University's athletic booster organization. Comprised of alumni, supporters and friends, the Trojan Club's purpose is to raise funds to further advance the development of Taylor intercollegiate athletics. With the cost of funding an intercollegiate athletic program on the rise, The Trojan Club enables Taylor to keep its teams competitive. All 18 of Taylor's intercollegiate sports benefit from the Trojan Club's efforts.

Among the many ways that the Trojan Club has helped the university in recent years include supplying funds for the establishment of a sports information position, purchasing a motorized cart for the athletic training department, buying new video and weightlifting equipment and making funds available for coaches to attend clinics and conferences.

Your direct support of Taylor Athletics allows you to partner with a department that has had each of its teams earn NAIA Scholar-Team honors with collective grade-point averages above the 3.0 mark in four-straight years. TU has also led the NAIA in Academic All-Americans in three of the past five years.

With the support of alumni and friends, the Taylor combination of spiritual growth, outstanding academics, and a highly competitive intercollegiate athletic program can continue.

Trojan Club membership levels have been revamped with new gifts for our dedicated supporters of Trojans Athletics. Take a look at our following membership packages and pick one that suits you today!

To join call (765) 998-5311 or click here.

The following are the membership levels available:

$1,500.00 and over - Trojan MVP
We've added this new distinction for those who are committed to the wonderful legacy of Taylor University Athletics and believe in its mission.
--Taylor University Athletics Nike jacket
--An all-family pass for all regular season home athletic events

$1,000.00 - Athletic Director's Circle
--Taylor University Athletics Nike polo
--An all-family pass for all regular season home athletic events

$500.00 - Taylor's Starting Lineup
--Taylor University Athletics custom tech gloves
--An all-family pass for all regular season home athletic events

$250.00 - Captain Level Membership
--Taylor University Athletics custom sunglasses with microfiber cloth sleeve
--An all-family pass for all regular season home athletic events

$150.00 - Varsity Level Membership
--Taylor University Athletics custom tech wallet
--An all-family pass for all regular season home athletic events

Although you will receive a receipt for your entire gift, due to government regulations, you are only allowed to deduct as a charitable contribution, the difference between the amount of your gift and the value of the premiums. The values are as follows: All-Family Game Pass, $75; Nike Jacket, $60; Nike Polo, $25; TU Gloves, $4; TU Sunglasses, $3; TU Wallet, $2.